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Red Lights Cameras Essay

  • Submitted by: rowdybulls
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: English
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Rowdy Parker
March 1, 2012

Red-light Cameras in Texas

I always find myself wondering how other motorist act. Do all drivers support each other on the red light cameras in Fort Worth and Dallas Texas? Do they get tickets too? Do they think the cameras annoying like I do? I am not sure how others drivers act are behave, I work with 75 people on my job. I know all of them are annoy by them whether it is true or not, it is what I have come to believe. I know that it can hit your pocket book because the ticket is not cheap.
The fact that different states have adopted diverse red-light camera policies is a reflection on the mixed findings that have emerged from research into the effectiveness of these cameras. A recent federal study found economic benefits associated with red-light camera use, and many cities in Texas and nationally that use cameras have seen reductions in crashes and violations. But a number of studies suggest that the use of red-light cameras may actually increase the number of car accidents
I live in the city that mean I have to drive down the city streets where there are red light cameras on every Conner. Some time at night the flash on the cameras is just going off like crazy and there will be no one at the light it will be just taking picture of the wind. I will be park at the light and look over at the driver beside me and we will be just shaking our heads like wow what a rip off. I wonder how many picture and video is wasted every day but all the money they rip people off I am sure they have plenty.
One time I was on Rife snow drive and I stop to make a Right hand turn on red I stop and look and then turn like I would do every day going to work and school. One day I had a ticket in the mail for 85 dollars with a picture of my truck on it I was not too happy.

I call city hall and they say you got to pay it so I call a layer and they said just pay i.e. city hall back and set up a hearing on their time only I went into a...

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