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Reconciliation Essay

  • Submitted by: mehint
  • on August 19, 2015
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Mark E. Hinterleiter
Biblical and Theological Foundation of Christian Leadership
CLED 300, D01
Liberty University
August 15, 2015

There are many words we use in the English language, that we do not give a lot of thought too. One of these words is reconciliation. As a Christ – follower we know that this is meant for our relationship with Christ and others and we understand that in order to truly love people we must forgive and have a healthy relationship with them. However, reconciliation has many meanings and effects many aspects of our lives. For instance, in relationships, in our walk with Christ, but it is also something internally we, as human beings, need to realize within ourselves.
The word reconciliation typically promotes thoughts of relationship and healing, but what about the reconciliation that may occur internally for a person. Many soldiers understand the internal reconciliation that needs to happen in order to come to terms with things they have done. Soldiers in the United States Military have to deal with a lot of healing throughout their time in the military. They have seen some horrific things, and also have done things that they are not happy about. Most of the soldiers that are deployed to war have a sour taste in their mouth and have a hatred toward the people and country they fought in. Over time they will come to be healed and have a different look at what they have been through, but some times that take years to over come. When this happens in a soldiers or even a persons life they have a reconciliation with in their heart and even in their soul. When this healing occurs with in their heart, it will help them become a good, no great leader because they cannot have any hatred in their heart and even need to have a heart of forgiveness. Another thing that people need to remember is that God has a forgiving heart. When people sin God forgives them, and   has a heart of...

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