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Recommendation Essay

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Nokia needs to preserve their high end customers, customers that used to use 8800, N95, E66 etc many have gone to Blackberries and I-phones.

Get the support of application developers. This was a major turning point for apple however Nokia really needs to get the support of consumers before the developers come out in droves.

Instead of trying to churn out "I-phone killers" Nokia should instead seek to create a device which is unique and will get critical attention.
Nokia should give attention to customer service and support for the current customers using Symbian and facilitate a smooth transition of these customers to the WM platform.
A strong demand and supply network should be established for smooth availability of products to the customers.
Nokia needs to pay more attention to other markets which are gobbling up phones. However, the craze is now so cemented in those markets Nokia may have a hard time.
The products of Nokia should be superior or at least at par with the competitors’ regarding technology, designing and features etc.
They need to find ways to improve it and make some innovations that are going to wow people. Apple has done this with fairly simple things. Surely Nokia can do the same.

Nokia will never fail because they dominate the low end market and to some extent the mid end market. However, the world is changing people are getting more and more into technology. Many people from low income brackets are in fact using Blackberries and I-phones therefore Nokia needs to return to dominance in the high end market.

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