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Rebuilding Essay

  • Submitted by: Ryanspee1
  • on April 15, 2015
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The view from the shelters concrete window revealed a landscape ravaged by war. The dust still settling on the thousands of visible ruins.
Legions of angels with down turned faces and hunched shoulders slowly made their way through the maze of debris spread across the once pristine world of light.
Beside her lay her husband. Caressing his face she felt the now cold skin, once so alive and vibrant. Gazing down she realized that the being she gazed upon was no longer a living body but a hollow collection of muscle and bone that bore an exact resemblance to the one she once loved. But never the less a body cold and stiff. Where he was she could not guess.
What lay after heaven? How was a women who until a short time ago was ignorant to anything but happiness and light, to know even the beginning of a question like that?
Unable to move she sit there. Around her ash fell like snow through a hole in the roof. The sound of uncontrollable weeping reached her ear. Glancing over her shoulder she beheld another women curled in a corner, the glacier like tears carving immense canyons through the vast plains of dust covering her pale face.
Doubtless this was the first time she had ever seen tears caused by grief. The sight of this womans grief gave her the realization of her own, except she only knew she should grieve. She did not even feel sad about the recent life changing events taking place before her eyes, she only felt numb, and hollow as the corpse that lay beside her.
This was followed by a consuming feeling of loss as she realized the extent of the damage. Not only physical but mental, because now that this evil had been unearthed, it could never be destroyed completely. The memory of this war would continue on forever. Even the rebuilding of the once glorious world, the feeling of complete euphoria would never be able to return.
Yet an unmistakeable feeling that somehow this was meant to be. That the Almighty had not only permitted it to...

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