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Reality Tv Essay

  • Submitted by: breebree000
  • on April 1, 2014
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Reality TV Phenomenon
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the reality TV phenomenon
Central Idea: History of reality TV, different categories of reality TV and how reality got so popular.
  I. When searching though the TV channels at night it’s kind of impossible not to run into some type of reality TV. In the past 17 years reality TV has really gotten popular in America. According to Deadline Hollywood list of top shows for 2011-2012 nine out of the 20 were reality TV shows.
  II. So when thinking about what topic I should pick for my speech I was watching sister wives then I thought reality TV would be perfect because it has really taken over and became a phenomenon.
  III. So today I will talk about the history of reality TV, the different categories and how reality TV got so popular.
(Transition: Let’s begin with the history of reality TV)
  I. There are several shows that are believed to have started the outbreak of reality TV, a lot of people believe that it started in 1948 with Allen Funt’s Candid Camera show. This show followed around regular people as there were getting pranked. According to A1 Articles This show opened the door for reality TV
  a. But a lot of other people believe the outbreak started on 1992 with MTV’s The Real World. Which happened to be MTV’s first broadcast and this show put together seven strangers from around the world into one house and filmed their daily interactions back then this was known more as a documentary then reality TV.
  b. In 2002 it is believed that reality TV really got its foot in the door with the show survivor which takes a cast of people and places them on a deserted island and they compete for a grand prize of one million dollars. This show was different from other shows at the time because other shows were just offering TV, cars and vacations as prizes so the prize of a million dollars really set the bar high for game shows.
(Transition: Now that we have talked...

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