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Real World Event Essay

  • Submitted by: devoneryan11
  • on April 17, 2015
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I chose to take human development for four reasons. The first reason is that I hope to acquire a better understanding of myself and of others. Learning more about how children develop and grow can help provide me with additional insight on the person that I have become. Studying development can also help me learn more about what my future is and could be like. My second reason, even though I do not have children yet, I do plan on having them in the near future so learning about the development of children, I feel would help me understand my child greater and become a better mom. Third reason, I am still very young being almost 20 and I am about to start a new phase in my life, physically and emotionally. I hope to learn how to embrace the changes in my body, mind and soul as I age. Fourth and final reason why I wanted to take this class is to figure out what is normal and what is not normal in the development process.
With the four reasons why I chose this class in the first place it was very difficult to find a couple of subjects I am most interested in and the subjects I am least interested in. Human development is the way we live. Nothing about that seems to be boring being we all go through each stage of life. So having to choose for sake of this assignment, I would choose adulthood development, and adolescent development that are most interesting to me upon review.
Adolescent development is interesting to me right now because I am still considered adolescent, have recently got a job at a high school working the front desk and also coach softball to young girls. Working with kids has always been a passion of mine and I feel like learning more about adolescents and the stages in which they go through will help me become a better mentor to the students and girls I am around. Also it would be interesting to take what I have learned from adolescent development and compare it to things that are happening to me in my everyday life.  
The other interesting thing...

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