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Real Estate Investors Go To White House Essay

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It's been almost 2 months since my last Blog post I really missed sharing our Real Estate Investing Experiences and Success stories from within the Trenches. Since my mysterious disappearance from the Flop 2 Flip Nation

http://www.Flop2FlipNation.com my business partner Mike Jones and I have been developing and expanding our Local Real Estate training, mentoring, and coaching program for Flop to Flippers in the Washington D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan areas www.DMVREIunited.com As well as developing our National Real Estate mentoring, training and coaching program that is COMING SOON! I have gotten all of your emails and I know there is a DEMAND for more Youtube videos I promise they are coming very soon don't fall out your seats yet I know your on edge!

Earlier in the week my good friend Cory Boatright the King of Short Sales sent me an eye opening email with an article attached written by Than Merrill one of our Nations Top Real Estate Investors. Cory's email expressed one of the biggest issues affecting wholesalers, landlords, rehabbers, realtors, real estate agents real estate investors and professionals across the country. Cory also informed me that several of my GURU buddies Than Merrill, Jeff Watson, Jason Medley, Greg Clement, D.C. Fawcett recently joined John Grants Distressed Property Coalition www.distressedpropertycoalition.com to have a stronger voice in our Nation's Capitol.

We all know timing in business and life is everything it just so happened I had a meeting 2 days after receiving that email with someone from President Obama's administration regarding the new JOBS Act and how it will affect Small Business Owners real estate investors, construction workers and other industries. After reading Than's article I knew I had a responsibility to not only represent myself but Real Estate Investors throughout the United States check out the pic below I'm the GUY on the far right lol..... : ) and read Than's article and join...

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