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Reading and Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: stephani227
  • on April 1, 2014
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Language across the curriculum is based on a simple but significant objective: to broaden the engagement of language departments and foreign language learning with the wider campus by encouraging the integration of languages other than English into courses whose subject matter touches on those areas of the world where such languages are spoken.
The main idea of Paltridge (2002) was the identity and correlation between the entities of genre and text type as tools to appropriately convey a required message and its understanding in the tertiary educational setting, especially its usage among second language English users in an environment where English is the international standard. Paltridge (2002) emphasizes the range of text types and their application to multiple genres, thus differentiating different pieces within the same genre or positing similarity between two pieces of different genres. Paltridge (2002) highlights the inculcation of genre and text type into first year undergraduate courses which bridge the gap for second language English users so that they will understand the vital theoretical and practical implications of genres and text types for academic writing purposes and fluency in English as the medium of instruction.
Martin (1989) focuses on writing and the range of genres employed on a pre-primary and primary school level. He places emphasis on notions of levels of literacy and the biased discrimination between socio-economical English dialects. Martin (1989) highlights prejudice within the curriculum itself and suggests the eradication of discriminatory practice and emphasis on developing writing skills in more genres in the primary school age group to empower children. I will present my write up with an identification of the main arguments of Paltridge (2002) and Martin (1989) respectively, together with a presentation of the foundation of their respective arguments and my point of view thereafter.  
Paltridge (2002) argues that less emphasis is...

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