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Reading Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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What is reading?   So many individuals have given their outlook on what reading is to them.   Reading is defined as the process of constructing meaning through the dynamic interaction among: (1) the reader's existing knowledge; (2) the information suggested by the text being read; and (3) the context of the reading situation according to Wixson, Peters, Weber, & Roeber.   This definition pinpoints how I see reading. While constructing my model, it was easy for me to take from different theorists and their models to give reading my very own definition.   Developmental Reading is separated into three equal parts: Phonics, Background, and Structure.  
Phonics is the root of reading.   The ability to recognize letters and sounds, separate letter groups as well as blending them helps students sound out words that are unknown or unfamiliar. According to Carr and Pollatesk, the dual-route models focuses on the word’s pronunciation that can be generated using a specific linguistic rule; which students learn in this phase of reading.. Students must also be familiar with a variety of words and through read alouds or actually reading, students are able to recognize words through repetition of sight or of sound. Through this, students will be able to work on their orthographic skills which will help with retrieve information from their long term memory. Chall’s model resembles some of my beliefs that students are able to become aware of print and progression evolves into stages learning how to read. Fluency is the ability to read with accuracy, pacing, and proper expression. Through fluency, students can also be able to recognize words whether they are reading aloud or silently.
Building on background knowledge is imperative when reading. The language a student hears or is spoken to at home can attribute to the progression of reading.   The family of those students who speaks with a higher vocabulary count tends to have a running start on students whose family would not or does...

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