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Reaction Paper-Mitsumi Cebu

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CMI is a Japanese electronic manufacturing firm that specializes in making connectors, wire harness, molded & stamped components, optical pick-up units, camera modules, chips on board, magnetic tape head, floppy disk drives, CD-ROM drives, digital audio tapes, and micro actuators. They also have plating and plastic molding businesses. The vision of Cebu Mitsumi is a lifetime leader in the field of electronic peripherals manufacturing, and the mission is we are the world’s premier manufacturing center that provides superior quality, high value, innovative electronic peripherals premised on people empowerment, technological excellence, and highest degree of customer service and social responsibility. Basically Cebu Mitsumi have three Philosophy which are the beautiful human relationship, beautiful product and beautiful dealing. The beautiful human relationship center on the people in which they believe that the lifeblood of the organization or company. On such basis it upholds the essence of fair, just, sincere and ethical relationship with its employee encouraging them to reach their full potential. The beautiful product center on providing the optimal electronic devices to beautifully match the needs of the market. And the beautiful dealings center on the everlasting growth, thus it promotes business dealings founded on integrity, honesty, professionalism, mutual trust and respect. The very essence of the win-win philosophy which it instills to tis employee. So with the above information, if you are just reading it without any experience going to Cebu Mitsumi production plant you will just say it’s too good to be true but to tell you honestly I was impressed by the culture of this company. The people or employee are very well-discipline and very accommodating. The way they entertain their guest is above excellence. And on top of that the...

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