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Re-Population Of Salmon Essay

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Re-population of Atlantic salmon into Lake Ontario--
Resource Management Problem:
The re-population of Atlantic Salmon in the Great lakes. Atlantic salmon are a great food source for First Nations people and local communities, however, overfishing and habitat loss has caused them to become severely depleted.(3) Efforts are now in effect to re-populate the Great lakes.
Description/Case Study:
"The first efforts to maintain or even restore the declining Atlantic salmon population of Lake Ontario, Atlantic salmon is one of the first species in Canada to be decimated by human activities".(5) Lake Ontario Atlantic salmon is extinct, population began a decline throughout the 1800's and the last sign of salmon was in 1889. (4) Atlantic salmon are a large species with black specks covering the body, with colour reflection changing to a deep bronze.(3) However, when spawning colours can change from blue, green, brown and red. (3) An average size is 18 inches in length and from two to four pounds in weight. (3) Atlantic young salmon spend two to four years river bound before migrating to the sea.(3) They survive spawning and return to the lake until the following spawning season, almost all atlantic salmon return to the river they were hatched in.(1)
Lake Ontario Atlantic salmon has become extinguished through over-exploition along with habitat destruction. (2) One of the major threats of Atlantic Salmon was human settlement. Land clearing for wood, along with agriculture degenerated, destroying habitat altered water levels significantly. (3) The impact of the water quality accelerated the erosion and siltation. (4) The increase of mills and dams for timber trade, closed passage ways for Atlantic salmon.(3) This closer caused an overwhelming amount of salmon positioned where fishers had access. Adult Atlantic salmon were often captured as food which became a huge part of commercial fishery.(4) Since 2006, 700,000 Atlantic salmon have been stocked.(4) "To improve...

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