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Rationale of Great Gatsby Diary Entry Essay

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  • on March 31, 2014
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Rationale of Diary entry for Great Gatsby

What to include in my Rationale for my Diary entry of a Character? (Jay Gatsby)
  * Places
  * .Activities
  * Likes/Dislike
  * Character (Which one are you doing)
  * Descriptive
  * Factual
  * Must be chronologically written
  * Life
  * Love/Relationships
  * Emotions (Most important element in a diary entry)
. Pretend to be one of the characters in the story
. Describe activities as you pretend to be a significant character in the story
How long is the Diary entry?
  * Could be about 3 days of Diary entry throughout in the story.

I will look through the novel for quotes, and put them to pretend as Daisy is writing her diary entries, recall on the most important quotes she said throughout the story of the novel. I will even consider doing research on the internet about the true personality from websites, as well as critics ad expert readers or literature professors who know exclusively well about the novel, and that they know Daisy in the novel as well, so that I may write as if I am writing like Daisy from the novel, and write a fictional makeup epilogue and prologue of the novel.
I might even explore the “love triangle” deeply further between involving Jay Gatsby and Tom Bucherham, so that as I pretend to be Daisy in my Diary entries, I might consider pretending to describe my feelings as I’m pretending to be Daisy towards both Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan after the end of the novel. Also for the epilogue, I will describe my feelings with poetry language and imagery about Jay Gatsby, after the first she met him in Camp Taylor before the World War I ends, according to the novel. I will absolutely allow anyone from the public of the audience to read it, as it does not matter who the person is and what the person looks like, as long as they read it and appreciate my diary entry.

Comment from Pop
  * It is a good start to the rationale stating your research and who the characters...

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