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Racist Americas We Are. Essay

  • Submitted by: megj21
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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Megan Louise Jones
Eng. 152
Due 03/19/2012

Racist Americas we are.

Although its been over 50 years sense the civil rights movement as Americans we are even more than ever then we have been is the past racist. Even though the America has elected the first black president, Barack Obama, he has received the most death threats than any other president in US history this is because he is black. Americans are so racist we don’t even know it; we say that we are not. But, by saying that we have over came diversity sense Martin Luther King. From my own experiences we all judge a book by its cover. We judge people by their skin color not by which they are as a person. American people use racial epithet, racial stereotyping, and racial assumptions in our everyday language.
Racial epithets is what Americans use whenever they want to, its almost second nature or we think it is okay to use in our everyday language. Racial slurs just show how ignorant you really are about something that is different. According to wordpress.com “People think its okay to call a black person an African American a nigger, an Indian a feather head, an Hindu a dot, or Muslims a sand nigger, or Mexicans a beaner or bean, and white a cracker.” What is the point of calling someone by what they look like? I am white, but I also have German, Italian, Russian, Cherokee, Dutch, and Hispanic in me. Therefore Americans think I should be dark due to me being of Hispanic decent, I am not, I am light skinned not dark skinned like most Hispanics are. A very good man, Carlos Vela, told me, “Think with your brain before you speak with your mouth.” Just because someone is dark or light skinned does not tell you what they are or what their ethnicity is. Some people tan well and others don’t. For example my family is mostly light skinned and others go out in the sun and get a tan and could look Hispanic, as for me I go out and I turn red and then a week or two weeks latter I’m back to being white.

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