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Racism Essay

  • Submitted by: zelda12913
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Racism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


      Attention Grabber:
        1. Morris Dees never stops hunting for hate
        2. Rand Paul under fire for slavery analogy
      Main Topics: (briefly explain topics)
        1. History
        2. Types
        3. Reasons
        4. Segregation
        5. Demographics
        6. Legal Aspects
          Investigating the history, types, reasons, demographics, and legal aspects of racism will help us better understand the effects today.
        1. I will explain the history of racism, past to present.
              a. The slavery era
              b. The civil war era (North vs. South)
              c. The civil rights era
              d. The history of racism in law enforcement
        2. What are the different types of racism throughout the world?
              a. In the media
              b. In the schools
              c. In employment
              d. In sports
        3. I will describe the various reasons for racism.
              a. Ignorance in society
              b. Hereditary throughout the families
              c. Due to self-esteem issues
              d. Due social and financial status
        4. What is racial segregation, and does it still exist?
              a. The origin of segregation
              b. The laws of segregation
              c. The enforcement of segregation
              d. Did segregation stop?
        5. What were the demographics during racism?
              a. Statistics of crimes related racism
              b. Races that were discriminated the most
              c. The demographics of employment
              d. Housing, cost of living, and education
        6. What are the legal aspects of racism?
              a. Court cases involving racism
              b. Punishments used in racism
              c. Laws enforced in racism
              d. The development of equal rights
          1. Restate Thesis:...

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