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Quran Compilation Essay

  • Submitted by: Kausarayesha
  • on August 20, 2015
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Table of Contents
Recording of the   Quran
Formal compilation as a 'Book'
Under supervision of Caliph Uthmaan bin Affan
The Quran is the foundational book of muslims and in fact of the arabic language. muslims believe that the quran is the complete and authentic record of the original revalations claimed by the Prophet to be the literal word of God and was organised in its current form by the direct instructions of the Prophet himself. they believe that no one has the authority to alter the Quran since every word in the Quran is the literal word of God. over the ages the Quran has been translated in dozensof languages throughout the world but only the Arabic text is considered the authentic Quran. many people agress that the current   Quran is a faithful record of what the Prophet claimed to be the revalation to him from God,as they existed at the time of the Prophets death.
Recording of the Quran
The words of the Quran were collected as they were revealed to the Prophet Muhamed (pbuh). After every revalation the Prophet would come out to the public and recite to the people the new verses. He aslo made special arrangements to ensure it was written down. Although the Prophet Muhamed (pbuh) could not read or write, he dictated the verses orally and instructed scribes the mark down the revalations on whatever material were available: tree, branches, stones, leather, bones. According to the authentic Hadith lierature, he would tell them were the new realtion was to be positioned in relationshit to previous revalations. He would the the Surah were the new revalation would go and the preceeding and suceeding Ayahs.
The scribes would then read their writtings back to the Prophet, were he would check it for mistakes. These writtings were stored in the corners of the Prophets room or office near the Prophets room. The Prophet was introduced to an energetic teenager named Zayed ibn...

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