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Discuss the role of the Systems Analyst in the preparation of the Business Case.
The role of a system analyst in the preparation is very crucial as he has a better understanding of organizational vision. That`s system analyst has all the information regarding the information, the person who owns the authority of the information and the group who is responsible for the decision making at the company. Moreover the system analyst has a deep insight in the governance as he is involve in all governing acts. The system analyst can help to develop a better business case because he has the knowledge of current information technology.
How does the business case relate to a project?? Include major players in the relations.
The business case and the project are very closely related to each other, as business case is provided on the initiative phases of the project. That’s why a poor business case may lead to the problems in approval of the project. The major players in the relations are stakeholders, cost, executive summary and time budget.
What is the difference between the roles of the systems analyst and the project manager?
The sole responsibility of project manager is to lead the project team. The project manager supervises every single activity related to the project, whereas the role of system analyst is to execute the project activities. Project manager deals with the issues related to project like cost, time management, resource management and deals with the higher authority. The system analysts deal with the technical requirements and provide the description of the tasks related to the execution of project. The roles of system analyst and project manager are different but are connected at some points.
4 In your own words (no, I don't know whose you would use if they weren't your own, just sounds good), tell me how a business case, well prepared, can reduce the risk of project failure.
A well prepared business case can reduce the risk of project failure...

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