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Bridgewater Engineering Company (BECO), a privately held machine shop, makes industrial quality, heavy duty machinery for assembly lines in other factories. It sells its presses, grinders and milling equipment using a few inside salespeople and telephones. This traditional approach worked well during the company’s start up years, but BECO is getting a lot of competition from abroad. Because you worked for the company during summers of your college years, BECO’s president, Tom Dalton, knows you and realizes that you are Web savvy. He wants to form close relationships with the steel companies and small parts manufacturers that are BECO’s suppliers so that he can tap into their ordering systems and request supplies when he needs them. Tom wants you to investigate how he can use the Internet to set up such electronic relationships.
1.1 Write a report that briefly describes how companies use extranets to link their systems with those of their suppliers, then write an evaluation of at least two companies (using information you have gathered in your Web searches) that could help develop an extranet that would work for Tom. Close the report with an overview of how BECO could use VPN technologies in this type of extranet.
QUESTION TWO             [30 MARKS]

You are an e-commerce consultant and have been approached by a local publishing business. They currently publish a magazine called Second Hand Car Mart that offers second hand cars for sale. The cars are advertised by both individuals and companies looking to sell them. The magazine is published monthly and has a selling price of $10.00. It currently sells around 3,000 copies per issue.
Due to the economic downturn the sales of new cars have dropped significantly. This has resulted in an increased demand for second hand cars and the publishers are keen to exploit this. They would like to launch an e-commerce site that advertises second hand cars for sale on the Internet. The intention...

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