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Quest for Fire Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Quest for Fire Essay

The journey of evolution has left the world wondering for countless centuries, as it is one of the most intriguing topics to study and research. The extraordinary film Quest for fire makes an effort in presenting life as it was 80000 years ago. In 1911 the movie was first released as a novel, and has been modified to screen by Gerard Brach and directed by Jean Jacques Annaud in 1981. This film provides an accurate insight of the behaviour and the life of the early human species.   As the film progressed, it was clear that some tribes were more developed than others. The mud people had the ability to ignite fire with only a few utensils and had invented a unique accessory to enhance the spear, all of which the main group did not possess. The mud people were clearly more technologically advanced than the main group.
The mud people are more technologically sophisticated than the main group, as they have the knowledge and skill to create fire. The ability to make fire highlights the quote “survival of the fittest.” The mud people have adapted and taught themselves to create fire with the use of leaves, dirt and dry twigs. They are far more likely to survive in different environments than the main group because they will have the ability to create fire at their desire to sustain themselves by cooking food at any given time. In the main group, a man has the role to ensure that the fire does extinguish. Unlike for the mud people, it will be a hassle for the main group to retrieve the fire if it extinguishes. The main group have to find fire that is naturally occurring or steal it from another tribe. Therefore if the fire that the main group possess is extinguished, a new source of fire needs to be found immediately. Meaning that if the main group does not find fire to keep them warm from the mild climates, serious consequences such as death could occur. It is evident that the mud people are far more technologically developed than the main...

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