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Quantum Essay

  • Submitted by: Heymikeymike45
  • on April 3, 2014
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This world has so much to offer yet it is amazing how limited our understanding of it is. What is more amazing is that most people don’t care to learn new things or try to explain how things work. Luckily there are always those few that seek to understand the universe and its many complexities. One of them was a young man named Tony Radke. Now Tony was always a little ahead of his peers, but most just thought he was smart for his age. No one really understood the power of his mind.
After graduating high school with good grades but nothing standout tony went to a local university still unsure what he wanted to do with his life, there’s so many possibilities how could anyone choose just one job. He could be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or even an engineer. He was always good at math and science so those came easy to him but how much fun is adding a bunch of numbers? It wasn’t until he met Dr.Ecin a theoretical physicist and the Professor everyone thought was “weird”, that he finally met someone else who shared his never ending desire to understand the universe. Dr.Ecin admired tony and took him under his wing teaching him everything he knew and was impressed by how quickly tony was able to learn these new concepts.
A few years went by tony was now a first year graduate student, Dr.Ecin‘s teaching assistant and his research partner. The research was nothing astonishing until they were invited to the USLCH (Ultra Super Large Collider of Hadrons). It was there that their eyes were opened. The spent the first few weeks touring the facility, learning protocols and finally they got to work. Now Tony only ever learning about theoretical physics was so interested in learning these new concepts that have actually been verified. Theoretical physics is just that. It is mathematically derived hypothesis that aren't based exactly on observation. It's intriguing but it's not genuine, in that it hasn't been illustrated. So tony looked at Quantum physics but even that...

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