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Quality Ceramic Company Essay

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Quality ceramic Co., Ltd. is one of leading high quality Ceramic tableware manufacturer in Thailand Established in 1993, located in Lampang, Thailand. Their products are exported to all over the world, especially in Europe. The company grows rapidly about 25% in 1999 and plan to expand more. However, family business style cannot support their growing and also limit their competitiveness.
Summary of understanding Business
The Quality Ceramics Company Limited towards SWOT Analysis to identify the key internal and external factors those are important to achieving the objective of reorganization for competitiveness.
Strength Weakness
• Flexible in production line
• Expertise in manufacture product according to customer’s   requirement
• Customized design. The product designer can adjust the design until it matches the customer’s need
• Good relationship with distributors/customers
• Quality and differentiate product.
• Variety of product. They provide many design products that suit for the culture of each country.
• Lower production cost compare with international market
• Sufficient production capacity • Designer does not understand customer preference in new market expansion such as US, Japan
• Insufficient in Human resource in management level. In this prospect, the company lack of the leader to provide and set their vision, mission, and goal to delegate the employee to understand the core value of the company.
• Centralization due to it originates by family business base. When they making the decision, no authorized approval. It depends on the top management (Owner).
• No procurement planning. They did not forecasting the order when has to place order. So, the company cannot make the big volume and negotiate the lower price
• No KPI measurement to standardize the organization.
• No brand identity/ brand strength
• Lack of training for staff.
• Lack of communication between departments.
• Team work’s   problem/Cross functional problem...

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