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Qatar Essay

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QATAR is located at
 Qatar is a small country in the middle east in Asia  Qatar is neighbored by four countries, to the north Bahrain ,to the west Saudi Arabia, to the south the U.A.E ( the United Arab Emirates ), to the east the closest country to it is Iran
•The white color reflects the internationally recognized symbol of peace •The maroon color symbolizes the blood shed during the several wars Qatar had undergone, particularly in the second half of the 19th century. •The nine-point serrated line indicates that Qatar is the 9th member of the "reconciled Emirates" of the Persian Gulf in the wake of concluding the QatariBritish treaty in 1916.

History of Qatar
Thani bin Mohammed Al Khalifa elected ruler in familly Turks get Al Bida kicked out control The ottaman turks leave British control U.A.E, Qatar and Oil Bahrain want to discovered form one nation Qatar gains independence

1st Date 1868 1872 1915 1920 1940 Thani bin The Al The The ottaman The British take High quality Mohammed al khalifa Ottaman turks leave Qatar control of Qatar oil was Thani was familly of Turks took at the beginning after the Turks discovered in elected ruler of Bahrain control of of world war 1. have left and Qatar Al Bida which is which had Qatar recognize sheikh now Doha and control of the Abdullah bin the al Thani, north were Jassim Al Thani to kicked out be ruler. thanks to the british.

Beginning of 1971 September 3 1971 The three countries Qatar becomes an want to form one independent nation. big arab emirates.

Fact and Statistics
‫السكان حسب الجنس والبلدية‬
April 2010 ‫إبريل‬ Population by Sex and Municipality
Table No (1.1)

1 - 1 ( ‫( جدول رقم‬

‫اناث‬ Female 414,696

‫ذكور‬ Male 1,284,739

Total ‫مجموع‬ 1,699,435

‫البلدية‬ ‫المجموع‬

The make up of ethnic groups is as follows: Qatari (Arab) 20% other Arab 20% Indian 20% Filipino 10% Nepali 13%; Pakistani 7% Sri Lankan 5%; other 5%

76 % Male 24% Female Ratio 1:309


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