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Psychology Lasa2:Stress Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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LASA 2: Effects of Stress

Tammy L. Angle

Argosy University

Dr. Wilkins

My Stressful Event

Stress has always been a part of my life because I have Bipolar I Disorder, which was not

diagnosed until I had a psychotic break at age 36, and was medically induced into a coma for

eight days. I am currently taking Paxil and Lithium, which work so much better than Seroquel,

Geodon, or Depakote, all of which caused severe fatigue, and robbed me of my personality. I

still struggle with coping mechanisms, so when my dad became ill this past December, it literally

turned my life upside down. He suddenly changed, and then settled into a state of delirium that

no doctor could determine the cause. He was in an excellent hospital, but it was an hour's drive

inland each way, and I dropped everything except for my education, and basically moved in with

my Mom so that she was not alone, and I would do the driving because it made her nervous. I

managed to hold it together for quite a while, as he was in the hospital for a total of two months.

And, they never did figure out what caused it. So many nights I'd sit outside and pray that God

would let him live, that he's made it through so much, he's a fighter, and I maintained my faith in

that. One night I got up to use the bathroom, and when I placed my foot on the floor, pain shot

up my calf, and to my knee. The right one was the same way, and I couldn't walk! I began to cry,

and crawled to the bathroom. I've had Lupus since my early 20's, and stress is the main trigger!

So, I was in a wheelchair, my poor Mom having to help me, for about three weeks. Typically, it

only affects the right side of my body, but this time it was both. My feet were so red and swollen

the pain severe, both of my hands covered in blood blisters the size of a quarter, and a rash up

both forearms. The other huge stressful event amidst all of this, was going...

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