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Psyceh Essay

  • Submitted by: tank71777
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 10,988 words

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Compare/contrast Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe
1 In this essay, I’m going to compare some of the features of the character of the two detectives: Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe and the peculiarities of their character changes. In the novel The Maltese Falcon, Dashiell Hammett trails a semi-crooked Private Investigator on his quest for payment. The story begins with Brigid O’Shaugnessy, under the guise of being a “Miss Wonderly”, offerring the principle character, Detective Sam Spade, and his partner Miles Archer two hundred dollars “To complete a simple tail job...” When Spade realizes “Miss Wonderly” is a fake, he confronts her saying if he is to work on her job; she needs to come clean about her situation. She doesn’t. Shortly thereafter, Spade receives a visitor in his offices. Joel Cairo offers Spade five thousand dollars for the return of the “falcon.” Once Spade accepts, Cairo wields his gun and Makes known his intent to search Spade’s offices for the bird. Brigid and Cairo, who became acquainted during the original theft ogf the Falcon in Hong Kong, meet in Spade’s apartment and Cairo is cornered and attacked. Spade then comes in contact with Mr. Guttmann, The intended recipient o the Falcon when it was taken from Hong Kong, in the end offers 50 thousand dollars for the return of the precious object to him. Spade’s interaction with the other characters in the book occurs over many cigarettes, booze, and a lack of emotion. Hammett created the quintessential alpha male in Spade, and possibly may have projected a a few of his repressed character traits into Spade’s character. Spade has a relationship with women. In fact, he has many relationships with many women. The predominant Spade/ female relationship in the books is that of him and Brigid O’Shaugnessy. From their introduction, Spade looked at Brigid as a sex object, who happened to have money. The book progresses and Spade and O’Shaugnessy become entangle...

Compare/contrast Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe...

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  • Submitted by: tank71777
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 10,988 words
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