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Pst103E Essay

  • Submitted by: malinee123
  • on April 1, 2014
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Oct/Nov 2012

1.1 Why is it not educationally acceptable to teach from a content based approach.
• In many cases primary school pupils are taught subjects/topics as content entities or disciplines.  
• In many cases these topics/subjects have become more process-orientated and more child centred and concept based.
• Skills, concepts and attitudes play a more dominant role.

1.2 Old and new views on curriculum development

Centrally designed Outcomes based
Prescriptive and rigid Devolution of design
Content based flexible
Factual approach Skills and concept based approach

1.3 How can educators used textbooks as an important resource when teaching social sciences.   Name 2 resources that can be used to supplement textbooks,
• Textbooks contain illustrations, maps, diagrams etc.   the teacher should use these during lessons to develop concepts of time, space and reality
• Textbooks can be used to prepare worksheets and tests/examinations
• Set homework based on the content of the textbook
• Set problems where questions are formulated based on the textbook.   Learners must try to solve these problems with the use of the textbook.

Resources used to supplement textbook
• Models such as the world globe – gives learners perspective time, space and reality.
• Collections – objects of interest eg seeds, rocks, soil types, historical artefacts.   It is more interesting to see these items than to read about them.

1.4 Using maps to teach history
• The past can be linked the present – pupils asked to compare old maps with modern maps.
• South African map can be given to pupils for eg and they can be asked to find as many towns as possible named after historical personalities.
• Colour maps can be used to better understand particular changes in countries
• Educator can provide outline maps and ask pupils to locate and name countries, cities, rivers and other features
• Can be used by learners to trace a...

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  • Submitted by: malinee123
  • on April 1, 2014
  • Category: English
  • Length: 857 words
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