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Pseudoscience Reply Essay

  • Submitted by: MickeyMenkin
  • on April 3, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Pseudoscience Reply" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Here is my Pseudoscience reply which is also on aliensandchildren.org with photos and drawings.

From, the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.   October 25, 2012

Our belief is that all autism approaches should mirror the physicians’ credo “First, do no harm.” But how do you determine when benefits outweigh potential damage? The pseudoscience so often promoted as “autism treatments” has a handful of consistent identifying characteristics. Ask yourself:

•Does this practitioner or vendor promise miracles that no one else seems to achieve?

The hat dramatically improved the condition of two autistic children who wore it every night for about 12 years.   Both children were declared hopeless autistics in 2000.   They just stopped wearing the hats in 2012r.   The boy, now 18, still has behavior problems but is doing will in a community College.   The girl, now 16, is an honor student in high school and has no signs of autism.   Their cousins also tried the hat for less than a year and had some results but the mother did not persevere and her children stopped wearing their hats.   Parents must train their children to wear the hat for hours and the hat must be worn consistently to work.

•Is the person promising the outcome also asking me for money?

I give the hats to people to try for free.   I have never charged anybody for a hat.   The hats now take about 5 hours to make.   I sew them with a $1,600 industrial sewing machine for durability that I purchased with my own money.

•Do I find any scientific research supporting their claims, or are there only individual (often emotional) testimonials of effects?

•Does the practitioner or vendor promise a blanket “cure” for unrelated disorders, such as grouping together allergies and autism; or autism and ADHD; or autism, diabetes, cancer, and allergies?

The hat has to be worn consistently for a long time to work, a minimum of three months for every night.   It has also cured an epileptic with grand mal seizures...

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