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Pscyhology Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Physical Development

Look at any class picture, and you'll see kids of the same age in all shapes and sizes. Some kids look tiny next to their peers, while others literally stand head and shoulders above their classmates. As easy as it is to make these comparisons and to draw conclusions about what you see, the reality is that kids grow faster during the first three years; especially during the first few months, than ever again.
What Is Growth?
From the moment parents greet their newborn, they watch the baby's progress eagerly, anticipating every inch of growth and each new developmental milestone along the way. But how can they tell if their child is growing properly?
Physical growth refers to the increases in height and weight and other body changes that occur as a child matures. Hair grows; teeth come in, come out, and come in again; and eventually puberty hits. It's all part of the growth process.
In the early development of your infant you will notice that infants learn to use the upper part of their body before the lower parts, and that is because growth and motor development proceeds from the center of the body and outward. Teething usually being around the time when an infant is 3 to 4 months old and by the age of 3 all twenty primary teeth are in place and by age of 6 their permanent teeth will being to appear. At about 3, children normally begin to lose their babyish roundness and take on the slender, athletic appearance of childhood (Page 237).
The brain, specifically the cerebellum, a part of the brain that maintains balance and motor coordination, grows the fastest during the first year of life. Another part of the brain that grows dramatically during childhood is the corpus callosum, which reaches adults size in about the age of 10 years old. Smiling, babbling, crawling, walking and talking all the major sensory, motor and cognitive milestones of infancy and toddlerhood are...

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