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Pros Cons Essay

  • Submitted by: hikmet4444
  • on March 31, 2014
  • Category: English
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Name: Hikmet Nisir
Date: 03.12.2013
Title of the Story/Book : But Was It Murder
Author : Jania Barrell
London, On a Friday evening in November,On Thursday,Blackheath Village,Elliot's Office,Hackney,Brighton,New Cross
Summarize the story:

Inspector Elliot and his assistant comes to the crime scene on a Friday evening, . And they investigate the victim. They ask questions whoever they can and try to find out whether it is a suicide or a crime.   From his diary, they find out that he has a relation with someone but they don't know who it is. After a lot of questionings and theories, Elliot suspects of the Wilvers because of the attitude of Lisa Wilvers towards his son and husband. Elliot also learns with the aid of the cleaning lady who works for both Alex and Crowthers that Alex got the gun from Crowthers. But eventually, he finds out that the victim, Alex has an affair with his doctor's wife. The doctor tricks Alex into believing that he has a brain tumour despite the fact that he has not. The doctor gets into Alex's mind and convinces him to attemp suicide so that he could save his marriage. The doctor admits that he deceived Alex in interrogation. And the case closes.

Did you like the story or not? Why?

I liked the story because I like reading detective stories. Also, in this story, chain of events was built very well. Therefore, this story gives good taste to its readers and the most amazing part is the end of the story like many detective stories. This is an another reason why I liked the story.

Glossary(vocabulary from the reader in alphabetical order)

ENGLISH|PART OF SPEECH (noun/adj./adv./prep./ verb etc…)|TURKISH|
boringbrain tumorcoatescapeexcitementgentlygood-lookingjuniorlook downmoodpersuadepick uprun downsheetstucksurgerytake...

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