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Project- Risk Management Essay

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The purpose of this procedure is to describe the OHS risk management processes that operate within the business.

This procedure applies to management, employees and contractors within the business and requires the full cooperation and assistance of all personnel.

Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991
Although there is already a Occupation Health and Safety Act and regulation for the whole Australia (OHS Act 2011), Western Australia is still under the OHS Act 1984 and regulation 1996.

Hazard- is a situation that has the potential to harm a person, the environment or damage property.
Risk- is the probability (likelihood) of harm or damage occurring from exposure to a hazard, and the likely consequences of that harm and damage.
Risk assessment- is the process of evaluating the probability and consequences of injury or illness arising from exposure to an identified hazard.
Hazard control- is the elimination or minimisation of risk associated with an identified hazard.
Workplace- is the location at which an employee provides work for an employer.
Risk register- is a document that lists all identified risks that may affect the project.

General responsibilities
The Occupation Health and Safety Act 1991 SECT 16 and 21 dictate the duties of employers in relation to their employees and the duties of employees in relation to occupational health and safety.
In the SECT 16 is established that all reasonable steps to protect the health and safety at work of the employees has to be taken by the employer.
As detailed in the SECT 21, employees are responsible for ensuring they:
• Do not create a risk to the health and safety of others at or near the workplace;
• Cooperate with the employer to enable duties and obligations to be met; and
• Use equipment safely and follow instructions.

Although the control of hazards is the responsibility of the employer, consultation with employees often...

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