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Project Essay

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Section 1 – Schedule 1: Gantt chart Review

  1.0 Overview

The project is titled “Theme Park”. The project key scope as inferred in the WBS comprises: Facility Construction, Attraction Installation and Training, Furniture Installation, and System and Security Training.
The total duration of the project is 180 days as per Appendix - 1 Gantt Chart, with a budget of $4,449,920.00 and start and desired finish date of 4/14/2008 and 12/19/2008 respectively. The Final Walkthrough and Grand Opening are both scheduled for 12/18/2008 and 12/19/2008. The Theme Park will feature the following attractions – Ferris Wheel, Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Carousel, Bowling, Go Carts, and Mini Golf.
  2.0 Gantt Chart Review

The Gantt Chart represents the anticipated 50% completion 'date' of 10/1/08. This is the date where the project 'should be' 50% complete i.e. the review and current date set to 10/1/08. From Appendix 1 - Gantt Chart, the following deduction can be made about the schedule - WBS Items 1.1 Site Layout & Site Grading, 1.2 Footings & Foundations, 1.3 Masonry, 1.4 Frames, Columns and Beams, 1.6 Slab on Grade, 1.18.1 Stacks and Vents are all 100% complete; 1.5 Joists and Roof Deck, 1.11 Elevator are both 40% complete; 1.7 Carpentry 34% complete, 1.8 Interior Studs 60% complete, 1.17 Plumbing 44% complete, 1.17.1 Hangers and Support 93% complete, 1.18 HVAC and 1.19 Electrical 39% complete; 1.18.2 Hangers and Support 23% complete; 1.21.2 Ropes Course Install & Training 20% complete. The balance of the WBS Items are yet to commence i.e. are at 0% complete. The overall project is 40% complete, which indicates that the project is behind schedule

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