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TO:   Chuck Wang, HR Director
FROM: Vicky Tan, HR Executive Assistant
DATE: September 7, 2014
SUBJECT: Increasing Meeting Efficiency

Our employees are wasting time in efficiency meetings. I suggest that the company implement specific steps to improve efficiency. Most employees are unhappy because of long and aimless meetings. High efficiency in meetings shows not only spirit of staff but also the level of HR management.
Key Issue
Recently a survey showed that over 80% of employees who participate in our company meetings are dissatisfied with our meeting style and 12.75% of employees urgently suggest increasing our efficiency during meetings, as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1: Survey Results: Need to Improve Meeting Efficiency
Furthermore, our company often organizes employees into workgroups or teams, which results in additional meetings. The lack of meeting effectiveness results in wasting a great amount of time. Additionally, keeping our employees motivated contributes to productivity. Therefore, managers need to improve their meeting goals.
Efficient meetings directly reflect efficient management. Our aim is to eliminate long and unfocussed meetings, while also maximizing meeting output. We can work towards this goal by following the steps below.
SET MEETING GOALS. Everyone involved should know 1) the meeting topic, 2) the reason they are invited, and 3) the future actions. Meeting goals should be specific and action-oriented to help participants focus their attention.
PREPARE WELL FOR MEETING. Ideal meeting preparation should include the following: determine the specific goal; invite only necessary staff; arrange a date, time, and location convenient for participants; write an agenda; and send an advanced notice to each participant.
BEGIN AND END ON TIME. Starting on time is sometimes the most difficult step. Approximately 5% – 15% of meeting time is wasted because the meeting starts late....

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