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Professional Development - Fairnes Essay

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Enrique Agredano Ávila
Master of International Business (Group B); Professional Development

Please, provide 3 examples on how you, as a manager would increase the sense of fairness in a team.

Example I

  In a financial crisis time, the need of trim or reduce costs it’s absolutely vital, but it’s also really usual to see how the impact it’s bigger between lower or mid-classes employees of the company than amongst the leaders. A good example of fairness would be to reduce salaries or another kind of non-wage –such as social activities, gifts to employees…-associated with the company in an equal way.
  A perfect example of this situation that I would take in consideration as a manager, would be the case of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo CEO, as well as another top executives of the company, that reduced their salaries to the half or so because of the low sales of the new hardware, Nintendo Wii-U.

Example II

  Nowadays, it’s a common problem in the enterprise world to find out, not only nepotism but also a better attitude towards to these workers with a better connection or relation outside the business area, having a treat of favor because of being friends or having them in higher esteem. Being friend of someone from your work life is not supposed to mean that they should be forgiven for their mistakes, amongst other things.
  As I said as the beginning, a perfect example of this situation can be observed almost every day in the Spanish government, where it’s a daily thing to find out friends or families of a high level boss working in the same area, and most of the time, without the right titles or formation in order to do that, something that I, as a manager, would avoid to not create this ambient of unfairness amongst my coworkers.

Example III

  In my opinion, a worker should always have his/her salary split in two parts, the fix one, constant; and the variables, that could go up or down according to the circumstances of this worker...

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