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Production Task For a Streeatcar Named Desire Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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John Anderson
45 Harold Street
New Orleans

29th October 1940

The Evening Star
123 Princess Boulevard
New Orleans

Dear sir/madam,

I am sorry to say that there was a problem with one of the houses I went to and this letter is just to say that I am resigning and the reason why.

One of the people I went to yesterday was quite weird and scary. I thought it would just be normal I would ask them whether they would give a donation and then I would leave. But this was so awkward.

I was already a bit uncomfortable before I went into the house because there was another woman outside the house who snapped her fingers before my belt which made me feel uncomfortable.

The first few minutes were normal she asked what I wanted and I told her that I was collecting money for the evening star, she checked and said she didn’t so I left. Whilst she was leaving she offered me a drink. I said no of course because I don’t drink on the job. So she told me she didn’t have any money and so I said I would go back later. But then she called me back and asked if I had a light and I gave it to her then she said thank you and I started to head out but again she asked me something. I was starting to feel a bit awkward but I didn’t want to seem rude so I answered her again but I was still being polite. The next question she asked whether I liked rainy days and at this point I just kept looking at the door wanting to leave. But she just kept on asking me questions it almost felt as If she didn’t want me to leave. However I was still polite to her.

The next thing that happened to me really scared me she said to me you make my mouth water and at this point I felt like running out of the door and then she told me that she wanted to kiss me. So she did but I didn’t have a choice she came over to me and then told me to run along and it would be nice for me to stay there but she has to keep her hands of children. As soon as I left there I was so confused and a bit freaked out...

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