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Process of Becoming as a Dnetist in New Zealand Essay

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Below is an essay on "Process of Becoming as a Dnetist in New Zealand" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

                                                  (SPECIAL TOPIC-2)
                                                  PROJECT PROPOSAL


STUDENT ID: 27009486

1.0 Rationale and aim 3
2.0 Benefits 3
3.0 Literature review: 3
3.1 History of Registration 4
3.2 Legislation related to Registration 4
3.3 Current Processes 5
4.0 Learning Outcomes: 6
5.0 Content of the proposal: 6
6.0 Assessment format: 6
7.0 Marking Criteria: 7
8.0 Resource list: 8
9.0 Reference List: 9

1.0 Rationale and aim:   My aim beneath this proposed project is to help all the international dentists who are willing to become as a registered dentist in New Zealand by providing them the information regarding the application process from the tip to the toe. My main reason and intention for choosing this as my topic is that I am a registered dentist back in my home country (India) and I am also interested to become a registered dentist in New Zealand too. The process of registration in New Zealand is a bit complex, complicated and expensive. The information provided in this topic will not only benefit me but also to all my fellow international dentists who are interested to become as a registered dentist in New Zealand.
2.0 Benefits: The benefits of this project are double headed as I can have the clear picture and knowledge about the entire registration process of a dentist and also useful for the other dentists from different countries. As I am writing this project in plain and simple English it is very easy for everyone to understand the topic well and also can have a clear idea regarding the registration process in New Zealand.
3.0 Literature review:
According to Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (HPCA) 2003,a registered dentist is the health practitioner who is deemed to be registered with the Dental Council of New Zealand in the profession of...

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