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Prison Overcrowding on the Mind Essay

  • Submitted by: allmangone
  • on April 14, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Prison Overcrowding on the Mind" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Prison overcrowding is costing the taxpayers over $65 billion dollars a year for prisoners. Is it worth it? How can we fix this great problem? Cutting out low risk offenders from prisons will increase space. To give prisoners tools to succeed out of confinements.   Allow more prisoners to reduce their sentences through credit for good behavior.   Release more elderly prisoners from Bureau of Prisons custody.
Releasing low risk offender will drop prison population a lot. For they will have a lower risk of recidivism and actually become a working part of society then generate a positive incline on recidivism statistics. Then if let out on parole or probation you can weed out the one who will really need to be raised to high risk and monitored.
Will an education give convicts a foot in the door to succeed outside of the cell? Giving a prisoner a trade or a general education will give them a greater step to work in society than throw out in the world with no hope.   Overall, outside of the prison setting, the prisoner can usually enroll in vocational correspondence education. These include legal studies, mediation, religious studies, and much more. All costs and fees are the responsibility of the individual prisoner and usually run from several hundred dollars per course to several thousand per program of study. Vocational training via correspondence is almost exclusively less expensive than correspondence academic education.
Allowing convicts who are becoming a better person behind bars should be able to be released earlier. Can fix this by expanding the number of rehabilitation programs that offer credits towards early release for those who participated. This option also offers the benefit of providing more inmates with skills that could help them stay out of trouble after they’re released. This will help greatly deplete the population and help place more high risk offenders in their place.
The greatest way to fix the overcrowding problem is to release more...

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