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Primary Anf Tertiary Sector In Britain Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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- How important is the primary sector in the UK at present?
- What are the most important characteristics of the tertiary sector in Britain today?

- Even if the primary sector in the UK is small it´s highly productive. 2 % of the workforce produces 2/3 of the country´s food requirement. As economies develop the primary sector becomes less important and the secondary and tertiary sectors take over.

It was Margaret Thatcher that started to close down unprofitable coalmines. So there are only a few coalmines left in UK today and coal is no longer the major source of energy for Britain. the country has therefore no longer a safe export market for its coal either, because South Africa, Australia and America are cheaper suppliers of coal and there is also other sources of energy like oil and gas.

he UK has a low proportion of people working in primary industry. This is partly because of mechanization. Machinery has taken over jobs in the primary sector. Also, as primary resources have become exhausted (e.g. coal) The UK now imports a considerable amount of its non-renewable resources.

For many years Britain´s service industry has been seen as the engine of growth for the nation´s economy. The tertiary sector is the main growth area. Most people work in hospitals, schools, offices and financial services. Also, as people have more free time and become wealthier there is a greater demand for leisure services. Therefore more jobs become available in the tertiary sector.

The UK are also the most popular location for foreign investment in Europe. The British government actively promotes inward investment from around the world through its own agency, Invest UK, because there investment create important economic activity in Britain and thus many jobs

In view of Britain’s traditional industries ant and the development of the UK economy since the Industrial REVOLUTION, it is interesting to note that the top sectors for investment on Britain today are...

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