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Prevalance of American Forces Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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How Were American forces able to prevail in the Revolutionary War?
The British seemed to have the entire scenario in their favor when they entered in to the conflict against American forces. A large number of army including German mercenaries was the biggest advantage over the relatively very small number of Continental Army. It was later that French army jumped in to back the colonists.
George Washington, who was the dominating Character of the battle, was assigned the duties of a commander of the new Continental army. The ultimate aim and intention of this war was not independence at the beginning, but it was cleared by the year 1776, when Paine published the article ‘Common Sense’. The ideas set out in the article, challenged the idea of rectification and harmony with Britain. Alternatively, it set forth the need of independence for the Americans and to have their own legislation and reforms. This gave the opportunity to discuss and talk about independence openly, which were before just limited to private and seceret discussions.
The colonists were divided in, those who were loyal to Britain government and were not in favor of independence, and those who were in large number and were supporting the idea of independence. Britain was not able to enjoy the favor from relatively small number of loyal colonists, as those who were opposing were the farmers and merchants and were playing a great role. Women along with men were upfront in providing their services wherever needed. Women were there to cook, nursing services and even to fight like soldiers when needed.
Americans had an edge over Britain forces, in the areas like fighting on their own homeland and strong patriotism. Although Britain had a large, trained and fully equipped forces. Britain forces divert patriots, whereas Americans showed the great act of bravery and courage, despite of the fact that they were neither well trained, nor were fully equipped.
The initial years of...

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