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Preparing For College Essay

  • Submitted by: linajsali
  • on March 21, 2012
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Preparing for College
When students graduate from high school they need to start preparing for college. It’s very important to decide on major or on a career before enrolling in school.   College is easy if you come prepared and get organized; however there are consequences for being unprepared.   Your main focus should be choosing the correct courses for your major, daily attendance, and acquiring help when needed, to have a successful experience in college.
Unless you have a declared major, choosing the right courses can be confusing and overwhelming.   Declared majors follow a degree plan, while undeclared majors take random classes. Be aware, that some classes taken in college may not transfer to a university. However, attendance and punctuality is extremely important. Class attendance is one of the requirements to pass a course. When you are late or absent you miss out on important lectures and homework. Acquiring help is essential to advance or pass a class. Many colleges have learning or writing centers where they have tutors that assist you with your assignments. When students don’t ask for help they tend to fail or drop their classes.
They are many more important topics to be address like: managing your time, taking class notes, reading you’re textbook, and having good study and work habits; however, these three topics are very essential to be a productive student.   Applying these procedures and your overall commitment will result in a prosperous future.   A well prepared college student can lead to be a successful graduate.

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