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Post American Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: josh5674
  • on March 31, 2014
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Post-American Revolution

    When supreme power is invested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation it is known as democracy. I believe that the government was becoming more democratic during the1800s. Throughout the 1800s the United States government exhibited many democratic opportunities. These opportunities involved political, social, and economical prospects. The Jeffersonian republicanism, Trail of Tears, and the Louisiana Purchase are all examples of how the government developed into a democratic society. These events were essential events in U.S. history regarding the progression of democracy and the nation as a whole. Without such incidents the nation would not have been able to offer many of the rights and freedoms that this nation offers all of its citizens.
    The Jeffersonian republicanism was a substantial political event that demonstrated how the U.S. government was a democracy. This event portrayed the flexibility of the government and the impact it could make by allowing the people to play a greater role in the governments decision-making process. Thomas Jefferson’s theory of how to run the government involved creating more opportunity for the public to impact themselves by having a say in laws that directly impacted them. He believed that a simpler government system would best suit the needs of the people and help the government gain public support along with patriotism. By doing this, the United States government was evolving to become more democratic. This form of democracy is political in nature due to the main emphasis relating to the government and its involvement with the people. As a result Jefferson’s theory of this new form of government provided the people with political opportunity.
A key social democratic opportunity presented itself in the form of the Trail of Tears. After the Indian Removal Act took place in the fall of 1838, US troops collected the Cherokee Indians and...

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