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Pos355 Week 1 Differences of Memory Management Essay

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Differences of Memory Management between Windows/Linux
POS/355 | Week 1

Linux can be compared to Unix and is an operating system designed to provide users of personal computers with a either free or very inexpensive alternative to those operating systems that use the installation of costly application to perform word processing and other tasks. Linux has the reputation in the computer industry as the most efficient and fast performing system there is available as far as operating systems are concerned. Also, one of the main differences between Windows and Linux is that Linux gives you full file access to application source code, while Windows gives you no access. Because Windows applications are more expensive, they also work better as well. Using RAM on a Windows machine to do media production or manipulation works much better than the programs used by Linux as well.
Windows is locked into a system of data files called NTFS. The downside to the way windows stores and access files through NTFS is that it is outdated and requires the end user to defragment the memory drive in order to compensate for the inability to organize data efficiently. If you do not defragment the memory drive in Windows your machine will slow down and have RAM runtime problems.
In linux one of the main differences you will see right away on the user level is that drives do not have letters where memory and data is stored and accessed (such as in windows C drive, F drive, D drive), instead they have something called “mountpoints”.   Mountpoint system of filing is a single root file system in which the path is simply “/”, just like the root directory of a web server. The “/” in linux would be directly comparable to the “C” drive in Windows operating system. If you plug in an external device such as a USB drive to a Linux OS machine, you will notice that the filepath will be similar to “/Media/’partition-name” format which more direct to the file management process, some would say....

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