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Political Significance on Italy as Caused by the Austro-Prussian War Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Political Significance on Italy as Caused by the Austro-Prussian War" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Many historians argue greatly over the short term significance on Italy as caused by the Austro-Prussian war. It is largely accepted that the social and economic problems that already faced Italy before 1866 had been heightened – be it rising taxes for the already disgruntled population of Italy or Italy as a nation being humiliated as a result of the conflict’s armistice and the cession of Venetia. However there were some, albeit minor, benefits to society including the changing attitudes attributed to the feeling of nationalism within Italy as it can be seen that Italy ‘is able to set aside personal and party interests and form into one solid phalanx’. The cession of Venetia can be considered the largest area of controversy, whether Italy felt proud to have almost completed the unification process, or, conversely, whether Italy should celebrate this cession begrudgingly, as it was only due to the intervention of other powers that this acquisition even happened – after all the decisive battle was fought on 3rd July by Austria and Prussia at Koeniggraatz. Whether or not unification was slightly hindered for the duration of war, it should be known that only 4 years after the crushing defeats of the Austro-Prussian war, the Franco-Prussian war took place, enabling a finally totally geographically united peninsula of Italy. This is therefore very suggestive of that the war in 1866 did not lead to massive fluctuations in attitudes towards Italian unification as a whole.

The prospect of war can be seen to have drawn together the peninsula of Italy to ‘fight the foreigner encamped on our soil’1. Many “Italians” ‘had never felt Italy so intensely’ as they had during the Seven Weeks’ War. This was particularly prominent because of Italy’s incessant need to remove Austrian influence from Italy, particularly from Venetia. However, this view can be weakened because it is clear that Italy wanted a short victorious war, with the claim of aiming to acquire Venetia as...

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