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Poetry Essay

  • Submitted by: tchhon
  • on April 17, 2015
  • Category: English
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Analysis of “The Lamb”
Thim Chhon
Liberty University
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“The Lamb”
Thesis: At first glance, William Blake’s “The Lamb” appears unsophisticated and forthright; however, with an astute analysis, the poem’s theme is not about the lamb or the child, but instead the innocent and pure image of Christ who is the perfect ultimate sacrifice for our sins.
  I. The audience is led to believe that the poem consists of two different ideas as the two stanzas seems to be unrelated.
  A. Two stanzas with 10 lines per stanza
  B. Description first stanza with the lamb
  C. Comparison of Christ in the second stanza
  II. The rime of the first stanza is smooth, which paints a flowing imagery of the lamb, and this may mislead the reader to believing that the Blake wants to theme in on the lamb’s innocence.  
  A. End rime
  B. Rhetorical question style
  C. Child’s innocent questions
  III. Blake’s true intention was to build up to portraying Christ in the second stanza through the boy and lamb from the first stanza.
  A. Slant rime with “name” and “lamb”
  B. Comparison of Christ to the lamb and child
  IV. William Blake’s “The Lamb”, although an easy and fun poem to read, has a complex meaning to it. Through careful analysis of Blake’s poem, the ideal picture of Christ is vividly painted in the reader’s mind through the structure and simplicity of the poem.

What makes a poem enjoyable?   Is it the complexity or simplicity?   Is it the rhyme scheme or word choice?   William Blake’s poem “The Lamb” is a simple poem.   In the first stanza, the poem hits off with the lamb’s description and the child’s rhetorical question, but the poem’s main theme is not about either one.   Although it is simple in structure, the poem’s theme portrays the nature of our Savior.   Blake crafts his poem in an appealing, but yet unexpected way.

Analysis of “The Lamb”
Blake’s rhetorical format, lyric style, and repetition emphasize and reinforce his...

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