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Poetry Descriptions Essay

  • Submitted by: kaylajones95127
  • on March 24, 2012
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The poem I picked was preformed on HBO, Brave New Voices. This is a show that is hosted one time a year. The title of the poem I picked is “Love letter to Albuquerque schools,” it is about   schools having no freedom, no individualism, and it express’ how you are treated it school. This poem caught my eye when they were performing it on television; it defines how high school is.   The poem has no specific rhyme scheme it is a free form poem. “Love letter to Albuquerque schools,” Expresses many emotions, in which when they preformed it showed through their voices; their voices were angry. A metaphor that was one of my favorite said,
“We're buried under academic letters and standards.
Tests that tell you what kind of person you will be.
We're made in black and white,
tinted to match a mold, and molded to match a score.”

It defines how tests, tell us who we are and what we are meant to be. The over all subject this poem is trying to confess is how hard it is during high school being treated like nothing. It also shows we should be able to determine our own destiny, and who we are.

What is Love about?
The leaves flutter and the wind breathes
Love is leaves dancing

The reason why I wrote this poem, I wanted to compare love and nature.
The emotions this poem express’ how much nature can express love. Imagery that shows is you can see the leaves fluttering, the leaves dancing and you can feel the wind breathing. I chose to put this poem in the packet because I love how it express’ the imagery.

K.. Kind hearted
A.. Artistic
Y.. Young
L.. Legendary
A.. Authentic

I wrote this poem because it defined my name. The letters define who I am, and what I am like. I like how someone who does not know me could read my acrostic poem and be able to get to know me without even know me. There is no specific rhyme scheme to an acrostic poem.

Adorable, Beautiful
Dancing, Laughing, Captivating
Bubbly, Cuddly, Perfectly, Lovely
Smiles and giggles...

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