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Poem Anaylysis Essay

  • Submitted by: kinger22
  • on April 2, 2014
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No Actual Value to Sex Anymore
Chase Twichell's poem "The Condom Tree" describes a flashback of a girls past at a young age and how the stimulation of pleasurable feeling can link to memories of the past. Twichell portrays this interesting, yet funny misunderstanding image of what sex was at the time to this young child, and how her past will never be forgotten from this stimulation of pleasure through sex. The characters beliefs and value of sex were exposed at a younger age than society would usually allow which created an image that sex was acceptable. The images created by the writer show how the vulnerable mind of a child can view something like sex to be beautiful or what they thought to be beautiful by use of imagery. Chase's use of imagery catches our attention as he uses associative logic to connect distorted and beautiful images from the characters past to the idea that even something so passionate like sexes pleasure and its value can be blemished from past experience that creates forgotten thoughts.
Twichell suggests right away the desirable pleasure of sex is distorted by an image from the characters childhood as the writer takes us back to her tenth year. This could mean either she was the age of ten or most likely in the tenth grade since this is usually when young children are exposed to the idea of sex. But its this distorted image of her past that holds so much meaning behind her flashback and how sex was perceived to her as a young child. Twichell takes us to this scene in a "secret place" (lines 8-9) where he describes these beautiful images by the river where " the old dam spilled
long ropes of water and the froth chafed the small stones smooth" creating this image of a beautiful environment. The depicted image of the scene is then made bizarre when Twichell then describes to us about a " young maple still raw in early spring, and drooping pale from every reachable branch dozens of latex blooms" (14-18). The poet then explains how the...

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