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Podemos Y Cuidadanos Essay

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Many surveys agree that in the next general elections two new formations are going to appear on the national political scene.
On the one hand Podemos which is a left wing political party led by Pablo Iglesias, that collect votes of old old voters who supported PSEO and IU.
And on the other hand Ciudadanos, which is a central political Party, that already has a longer history in Catalonia remains liberal and their support is on the voters disappointed with the PP.

These are the main economic proposals of the two parties.

Basic income supplement and minimum wage
Podemos advocates a guaranteed income, ie, the state would provide resources to citizens who do not have access to the labor market.
Instead, Ciudadanos economic proposal, indicates that a measure such as that proposed by Podemos discouraged job search. Rivera's party advocates a guaranteed annual wage supplement. The idea is that the state would pay an additional payment to employees with lw income. The amount of aid would depend on the family situation. Ciudadanos ensure that through proposal would provide '' incentive to work activity '' to the extent that the aid would be linked to having an employment.

Citizens rejects a rise in minimum wage, currently set at 648.6 euros per month. The party understand that its salary supplement is more efficient than increasing the minimum wage.

Podemos   bets on a   '' extraordinary increase of corporate social contributions '' that would increase pensions. Pablo Iglesias party advocates lowering the retirement age to 65 years, with some flexibility. To this exent Ciudadanos opposes Iglesias political party.

Contrato único y temporal
Podemos propone mejorar el mercado de trabajo rebajando la jornada laboral de 40 a 35 horas semanales. Sobre las contrataciones, defiende eliminar los incentivos a la contratación a tiempo parcial.
Ciudadanos propone hacer indefinidos todos los nuevos contratos. Apuesta por suprimir el contrato laboral y propone un...

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