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Plot Mechaniscm Of Classical Comedy Essay

  • Submitted by: kdemir
  • on March 22, 2012
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Plot Mechanism of Classical Comedies:
1 – Complication
a)       Difficult Situation:   In ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ there is a theme of difficult love. Aegeus doesn’t let his daughter to be with Lysender. Lysender’s saying   ‘The course of true love never did run smooth’ approves this situation’s difficulty. And the situation of Hypolita who is under the pressure of the male dominated world.
b)       Overhearing:   Oberon hers Demetrius humiliating and insulting to Helena. He orders Puck to bring the juice of magical flower. He wants to help Helena.
c)       Mistaken Identity : In the forest while Lysender wakes up, he sees Helena and falls in love with her because of the juice. He hates the person whom he love very much. It is a mistaken identity. Also, instead of Demetrius, Lysender’s love to Helena is a mistaken identity.
d)       Chance Element:   Oberon’s overhear, the sudden love of Thesus to Hypolita while he was on the point of killing her, Lysander’s waking up and seeing Helena, Puck’s seeing Bottom and turning his head into an asshead the Titania’s love to Bottom with the effect of juice are the chance elements.
e)       No solution, Everything is mixed up: Both of the guys love Helena madly, and Hermia feels as she is   at the zero point because she lost her lover, lovers. Helena is also feels as she is at the zero point, because she feels humiliated and she lost self-confidence. Girls are fighting, boys are fighting too. Everything is mixed up, there will be unlikely a solution.
2 – Resolution:
a)       Overhearing (correctly): Oberon and Puck notice that everything is mixed up (They hear the characters discussing)
b)       Disguise: To set this situation, Puck mimicks the voices of the boys and he takes them away from eachother to prevent a quarrel.
c)       True identification: Puck spreads some king of herb to uneffect the previous magial flower’s effect on Lysander
d)       Reconciliation: Young lovers match correctly to eachother.
e)       Happy...

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