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Plodkfo[ Essay

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Instructor:   Yi Liao Phone: 321-674-8043
Office:   OPS310 E-mail: yliao@fit.edu
Class Hours: MWF 10-10:50 AM Class room: Evans Lib 133
Office Hours: MW 11:00-12:00.
Lab Coordinator:   Dr. Kurt Winkelmann (kwinkel@fit.edu, x 7376)

Required Texts/Learning Systems:
          Tro, Chemistry, A Molecular Approach, 3rd ed.
          MasteringChemistry website access
Lecture and laboratory information on course’s ANGEL website

Grading:   The grade for the course is based on total number of points accumulated as follows:

Hour exams (4 ( 100) 400 points
Cumulative final exam 200 points
Homework 100 points
Laboratory 200 points
                                  900 points

All sections of CHM 1101 use the same textbook, cover the same material and are graded the same way.

Academic Dishonesty:   The General Chemistry faculty and the Chemistry Department will adhere to the policies and enforce the penalties described in the Academic Dishonesty, Cheating, and Plagiarism handbook for any cheating, plagiarism, and/or fabrication of lab data and results (see www.fit.edu/current/documents/plagiarism.pdf).   As defined in the handbook, cheating includes “giving or receiving information during an exam ("exam" includes tests and quizzes)”.

To avoid the appearance of impropriety, you may use a calculator but you may not use any other device (such as a cell phone) during an exam and you may not leave the classroom during an exam for any reason.

Attendance:   Attendance is required and will be taken on a daily basis.   More than six unexcused absences (including undocumented illnesses) will result in a lowering of your overall score by a letter grade.   Lateness or early departure may count as an absence.   It is important to talk to your instructor about any excused lateness or absence as soon as possible.

Excuses for absences are accepted as follows:
  1. Medical excuse: Signed by a medical representative and presented...

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