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Play Critique: the Book of Morman

  • Submitted by: fuchskel
  • on April 15, 2015
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Play Critique: The Book of Mormon
“The Book of Mormon” was a Broadway musical written in collaboration by Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Robert Lopez. The purpose of this play is to break through the Mormon stereotype, and show the audience what the religion is really all about. They did this by simply just telling the audience exactly what Mormon’s believed and people got the idea. The fact that the play was written by the makers of the television show “South Park” definitely brought in a lot of audiences, especially because they had already made an episode about Mormons. The explained all of the “made up” stories Mormons believe by simply telling the truth. In addition to this, the play made fun of all sorts of things like famine, poverty, AIDS, genocide, war, and how people in a third world country copped with the depression from all of these things, along with stereotypical young Mormon boys and the struggles they dealt with in their everyday lives. With accuracy of the religion itself, and hilarious gags by all of the performers, the play definitely reached its purpose and portrayed the religion successfully while keeping the audience wildly entertained.
The intentions of the play were manly based off of the background of the audience; the cast and crew wanted the audience to experience a performance unlike any other. Most audience members walked in with the mindset that this was going to be a musical bashing Mormonism, but once the show was over, it became clear that the whole production was a celebration of faith all along. It is important to find the underlying message or meaning that the performance intends. However, there are actually four different levels of meaning. Starting from the simplest to the most complex, there is the referential meaning. This incorporates the subject as well as the setting of a story. For “The Book of Mormon,” the referential meaning is that two young Mormon males leave Salt Lake City, Utah to go on a mission to promote...

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