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Plagiarism Essay

  • Submitted by: iamasungod
  • on March 23, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Plagiarism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Plagiarism is a controversial issue. Many people plagiarize without even knowing that they have done anything wrong. A person can not only plagiarize by using the work of another as their own, but it is even possible to self-plagiarize, where a person reuses their own work. There are many ethical issues surrounding both of these types of plagiarism. Is there ever a time that plagiarism is considered ok?
Plagiarism occurs when someone uses the ideas or work of another without giving that person credit (Gurak, 2007). Once an idea is manifested, whether written or otherwise, it belongs to the person who thought of it. Even something as simple as retelling a joke, without giving reference to the person who originally came up with it, is considered plagiarism. Many people unknowingly commit this offense because either they are uninformed about the idea of plagiarism, or they do not fully understand it. Self-plagiarism is a bit different. Though it seems strange to think that someone could plagiarize themselves, it is possible. When someone attempts to use a paper or idea for more than one thing without stating the multiple uses, they commit self-plagiarism. Though some readers may find this idea relatively harmless, it is unethical to commit such an offense. Just as plagiarism of another is receiving credit for the work of someone else, self-plagiarism is receiving full credit for only doing part of the work. For example, a student writes a paper for English class that can also satisfy an assignment in History. The student thinks it is ok and that he or she is lucky that they can skip writing another paper. But really, this is the same as cheating. The student would receive an undeserved grade. The student would receive a grade for zero effort. This is an ethical situation because although it makes the student’s life easier, and seems harmless, it is not fair to the other people in his class that must put forth effort for the assignment. Plagiarism against...

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