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Physilogy Essay

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Physiology is the science of the function of living systems in organisms.   This includes how an organism lives, breathes, eats, digests, excretes, brain power, mobilization, reproduction, and any other thing that an organism needs to function with in order to survive.   This studying of is close to that of anatomy.   Anatomy is the study of a living organism’s whereas physiology is the study of an organism’s functions to live.  
There are two ways organisms reproduce sexually (reproduction between to organisms) and asexually (reproduction with itself).   Humans reproduce sexually.   This involves a male and a female in order to happen.   Both males and females have different reproductive systems.  
In males, testes are kept outside the human body bellow the abdomen, hips, and penis in order to have a cooler temperature to produce viable sperm.   Each testis contains a seminiferous tubule that produces sperm.   Cells imbedded in the tubules go under meiosis and mature into sperm thanks to the help of hormones offered in the male body.   These sperm later leave the tubules and enter another coil called the epididymis from which they stay until fully matured and know how to “swim”.   The sperm will the travel into the vas deferens that connects to the urethra.   During sexual arousal the sperm are released into the urethra and mixed with other secretion fluids creating semen.   The semen is later ejaculated into the female partner as the male achieves an orgasm.  
The female reproductive organs include ovaries, where eggs are stored; the uterus, where the embryo implants and develops during pregnancy; the fallopian tubes, through which the egg travels from the ovary to the uterus; and the vagina.   During sex, the male orgasm is followed by sperm.   The female orgasm the creates rhythmic contractions of uterine muscle to assist the sperm to the oviducts, where the fertilization of the egg tales place.

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