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Physical Development Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Physical Development" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1.0 Introduction
The essay describes the need for physical development in teenagers especially who are in their puberty period along with their mental maturity and educational and other social learning processes. Being a time of blooming into flowers from buds, a time of discovery and also confusion and disorientation, “Adolescence” depicts the teenage years falling between 13 and 19 (Vygotsky, 2008). As today the world changes every day with a faster pace there is increasing rates of early-onset puberty, and the Preteen or ‘’tween” years (generally between 9-12 years), may also be qualified in this group. Mixed with identity crisis and a sudden unprepared feeling in terms of physiological, hormonal and mental changes, adolescents move to and fro in between the neither children nor adult phase. Coupled with the issues like independence, self-respect and wish to experiment with drugs alcohol or sexuality impose challenges to both the society and also to the teenagers.
2.0 Development of Motor Skills
Motor skill is basically learned movements when performed sequentially; produce a smooth and efficient work flow to master a definite job or task. The region of cerebral cortex, which controls voluntary muscle groups, is the place where development of motor skills takes place. The central nervous system is quiet immature at the time of birth. From the very first day since a baby is exposed to the world out of her mother’s womb, he or she grows continually. They use their bodies to learn about the world around them.   According to Piaget (1950), Sensory and Motor experiences are the building blocks for all types of intellectual activities for the first few years of life. The reliance on physical interaction & intimacy with people and objects remains strong as children continue to mature. Motor skills are essential for development for all children. In opinion of Gallahue (1993), “Movement is at the very centre of young children’s lives. It is an important facet of all...

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